energy management



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  • Experience has shown that an Energy Management System not only reduces costs, but can improve operational efficiency and thus have a positive impact on productivity and competitiveness of companies:


    • Reduction of costs related to energy consumption;

    • Greenhouse gas emission reduction of greenhouse gases;

    • Greater transparency in energy consumption;
    • Compliance with legal requirements;

    • Technical and procedural optimization of energy aspects;

    • Greater reliability in the operation of the facility;

    • Greater involvement of employees in energy efficiency;

    • A commitment of the entire value chain optimization and cost reduction.

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    "Ignorance of the different management approaches that may be developed, particularly in terms of organization and technology, often leads to the advantages of energy policies are ignored and therefore a significant reduction in operating results."

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    • ISO 50001-Implementation of Energy Management Systems;
    • Training under the ISO50001 requirements;

    • Gap Analysis of Development, to support the development of implementation plans;

    • Benchmarking Energy;

    • Internal audits;

    • Management Energy Performance contracts;

    • Contract management utilities supplies (electricity, gas).


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    • Energy Audits;
    • Development of control mechanisms to optimize the energy consumption;
    • Utilities Management;
    • Maintenance Management;
    • Measurement Equipment Solutions;
    • Monitoring Solution Development and Verification (M & V);
    • Energy Audits (SCE, QAI, RSECE, RCCTE).

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